At REVE Group, we believe that business entities are the economic organs of the society and company’s performance must be judged by its contribution towards enhancing societal sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our organizational policies at REVE. Since inception, we have laid our focus towards maintaining a healthy environment and following ethical practices. Education and health are two global causes, which demands maximum attention in the present age. Hence, we have driven our CSR program to address these issues and contribute our part to make this earth a better place to live in. Our initiatives includes various campaigns like blood donation camps, sponsoring scholarship programmes, which we believe is a small contribution towards the society.

Blood Donation and Health Camp

Standing true to our commitment to give back to the society, we organize blood donation camps every year, where all members of REVE family and our industry partner participates. We know that there is no substitute for human blood and our donated blood can save someone else’s life. Hence, we encourage more and more people to participate in this nobel cause.

Student Scholarship Programme

Education can build the future of nation and lead it towards the path of development. At REVE, we have taken a pledge to support the meritorious students, who are deprived of education due to financial setbacks. Moving ahead in this direction, we have introduced several students scholarship program for unprivileged students. Apart from this, we also fund many educational initiatives undertaken by several NGOs.